Javier Botín


Javier Botín started his professional life in 1998 as a lawyer in the International Legal Department of Banco Santander, institution where he had previously worked in the asset management, risk and retail banking network areas during his university period. In 2000 he left the bank, although he remains on the board as external director.

In 2000 co-founded M&B Capital Advisers, a Spanish wealth management company. During his tenure at M&B he was responsible for the creation in 2004 of the Spanish equities brokerage unit, which he headed until his exit from the firm in 2008.

In 2008 he founded JB Capital Markets, where he is currently Chairman of the Board.

In addition to his professional activities, Mr. Botín takes part in substantial not for profit activities. He is the Chairman of the Botín Foundation, Spain’s largest private philanthropic foundation and a patron of the Princesa de Gerona Foundation. He also is the Chairman since 2009 of the Royal Pedreña Golf Club.

Mr. Botín holds a law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid.