• JB Capital Markets provides brokerage services in Spanish and Portuguese fixed income assets and carries out debt issuance in public and private formats which is complemented by a credit analysis service of the Spanish corporate issuers income products together with a unique vision and knowledge


The fixed income team is specialized in the analysis of Spanish high yield corporate issuers, currently covering more than 15 companies. These practically correspond to all of the economic sectors, particularly:

  • Industrials, Utilities and Renewables
  • Hotels, Retail and Transport
  • Construction and Infrastructures
  • Pharmaceuticals

Team with experience in credit analysis allowing the firm to:

  • Asses Spanish corporate issuers in relation to their financial needs
  • Maintain a recurrent dialogue with corporate credit institutional investors

The considerable knowledge of the Spanish environment, including the macroeconomic conditions, products and services, market, regulatory and administrative context, combined with the physical proximity, position the firm in ideal conditions to provide investors with the best research of these companies.



Distribution of new issues among a wide range of national and international investors

Expertise helping the Spanish mid-size companies to access capital markets

Develop corporate credit solutions and asset financing (asset backed)


The firm provides liquidity, execution and investment ideas on a wide range of Fixed Income products

The trading, sales and research teams work together to provide a high value-added service to our clients


  • Sovereign, Spanish and Portuguese public agencies and regions
  • Corporate: European high grade and Spanish high yield
  • Financial: covered, senior and subordinated
  • Spanish and Portuguese ABS

Our Approach

Institutional Sales Team

The sales team covers a wide spectrum of domestic and international investors

Client segments that range from real money (pension funds and insurance companies) to banks and leveraged funds

Experienced team with high knowledge of the different types of clients´ needs


Capacity to commit capital and facilitate the management of the client’s portfolios